How Can I Use AI In My Project Or Daily Work Routine?

January 20, 2022
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In today's world, not only automation is a necessity. AI is expected to drive over half of all business services and operational processes in the US alone in the next five years. But who needs AI when it comes to your daily work routine? This blog post will focus on how AI can help you with your work and give back the time required for other tasks.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is peaking right now. The last Google I/O conference was packed with announcements of new AI products, and the tech companies are all racing to bring out the best possible AI.

But most people aren't integrating it into their work yet. Many surveys explain that the adoption problem is mainly due to: the lack of talent with skills in AI, lack of data or quality issues, lack of tools or platforms to develop AI models, and difficulties identifying appropriate business use cases.

The AI revolution in the workplace

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work, but it isn't just impacting our white-collar jobs. The AI revolution in the workplace has also seen an increase in blue-collar workers adopting new lifestyles to keep up with the demand for increased production.

One of the most promising tech to be used in addition to AI is 'No-Code,' which is often described as the "next big thing" in software development. It empowers working professionals to build software projects that previously were impossible without an IT department or developers.

What would you think if I told you that your organization could quickly implement state-of-the-art AI without the need for code, developers, or large budgets?

How AI can boost productivity in daily work routines

Be it an enterprise company, startup, or small business, the pressure on businesses to generate more profits and grow is always high. The best way to achieve that is to maintain a competitive edge over the others. Here are some of how you can use AI and machine learning in your business. Could you spot something in this list that your business would want to have?

  • Predict customer behavior
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve customer service
  • Generate more leads
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Classify or identify text, audio, images, or videos
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Boost sales
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve customer experience

If the answer is yes, then you've already started to see the point and logic of leveraging the power of no-code AI.

You can apply AI in different ways to address business challenges. For example, AI can automatically identify your customers' or users' intentions once they interact with you via email or chat. If you have an incident tracking system, AI can categorize cases to solve issues faster than ever before. There is a great technique called Open Q&A where you can train an AI model to understand your information as a knowledge base. You can then ask an open question and get a straight answer; it is impressive.

There are other applications like x-ray diagnosis in medicine. You can train an AI model to predict a tumor or disease by performing image analysis. These tools help doctors to make better decisions and save lives.

AI could help you and your business in vast and diverse problems/challenges in more ways than one can imagine. One of the great benefits of using AI is to free up time for more creative pursuits and challenging projects. It is widely accepted that automation can ultimately replace manual effort in about 50% of their daily work routines. It seems like a boost of productivity, right?

To know if AI can help you: Start by observing your daily routines, your projects, and your business's needs, then ask yourself:

  • Which of my tasks or my team's take a long time and requires lots of manual work?
  • Are we able to analyze and process all our data efficiently?
  • Are I and my co-workers doing meaningful and creative work most of the time?
  • Are we using a data-driven approach to make decisions?
  • Are we doing all we can to provide an exceptional customer experience?
  • If my operations require visual inspections, are we just relying on human intervention? Do they need special training?
  • What is my business innovation strategy?

Your answers to these questions will define a project where AI can play a significant role. AI can be hard to implement and typically requires many skills and high budgets. The management of AI projects needs a different approach to traditional project management methodologies; that is why we see many failed implementations. My recommendation is to start small, creating PoCs before going all-in with an AI initiative. No-Code AI is an excellent solution to experiment and start this new journey. A No-code AI platform, such as cogniflow, is a powerful, affordable, and available resource.

I do not see AI as a replacement for human work; it is a positive transformation. Sure, many jobs today won't exist in the future because AI will take over routine tasks. On the bright side, AI will create more stimulating and challenging new jobs where humans contribute critical thinking, creativity, and passion.

So, how are you planning to use AI to improve your business?

Marcelo Martinez CEO co-founder Cogniflow
Marcelo Martinez
Co-Founder & CEO @ Cogniflow AI

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