Why No-Code AI Can Be Great For Your Business

January 7, 2022
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It might be time to start thinking about no-code technology becoming part of your business innovation strategy. The future of business is not just about the skills of your employees, but also about the tools used to create and produce powerful integrations in between humans and technology.

As you are aware, software has become a critical part of doing business, and it plays an important role in the success or failure of a business. Artificial intelligence has been a big buzzword for a while now, but it’s only lately that it has become accessible to businesses and individuals. New technologies are emerging that make it possible to create artificial intelligence without coding or mathematical knowledge.

We know that AI has been in use for decades, but a lot has happened in the last few years. Today it’s much more accessible, so much so that it can be used without coding or a Ph.D. AI has gotten so easy to use that your grandma could use it (which she probably isn’t going to).

A current AI software is typically a computer program that is capable of learning and reasoning in a similar way like humans do. There are different types of levels of AI, one of them is Machine Learning (ML) which leverages techniques in pattern recognition to build models to solve specific tasks based on learning patterns in data. Inside the huge spectrum of ML, there exists a particular subtype called Deep Learning (DL) which uses an artificial neural network to solve these tasks inspired by how the human brain works (a simplified model obviously).

That premise is now achievable through the incorporation and adoption of no-code or low-code interfaces that allow for everyone, even then non-technically trained, the possibility of forging imaginable and highly innovative AI models for innumerable use cases. Most people believe that software development is a skill only available to a select group of people.

This isn’t true; anyone can learn how to bring complex ideas into reality without the need of coding it themselves or hiring a costly software development vendor. No-code AI is a groundbreaking development in the world of artificial intelligence.

No-code artificial intelligence utilizes pre-made blocks and modules to give small and medium businesses access to deep learning capabilities that would otherwise be too expensive, extensive, or time-consuming for them to utilize. This phenomenon has the potential to change the way businesses operate and engage with customers globally. No-code software technology has been around for a while but is only now being used to develop valuable strategic business solutions.

The no-code software approach allows businesses to build custom apps without the need for highly skilled IT experts and at a fraction of the development cost of regular software. There are three software development models: on-premises, bundled and unbundled. The first two models have been around for decades; the latter one has just come into being in the last few years. In this model, software developed with no-code is sold as a service to other businesses.

This approach can be used as a strategy driver when your company wants to become a market leader in its niche or industry by leveraging disruptive technologies. The low cost and simplicity of no-code software mean that many companies and initiatives are now able to use this technology to develop unique, capabilities, features, or one-off applications that can act as a key differentiation point in their industries.

No-code software technologies can play a key role in accelerating the pace of software development and applied innovation. It replaces the old way of doing things with a new, more scalable, and automated approach, thus allowing businesses to focus on value-added activities that drive their business forward. The open-source model has been a boom for software developers, providing the opportunity to deliver innovative software technology in a distributed development environment. By 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals, according to Gartner, Inc.

The emergence of cloud computing and no-code technology opens the door for an entirely new approach to software development; one that is faster, more efficient, and more flexible than any that has come before it. No-code software technology can be and should be, a strategy driver. If a business can use no-code technology, it can help that company drive the strategy by contributing to work on not only the simple and repetitive tasks, processes, and day-to-day activities, but the more complicated and much-needed transformation projects, product features, and peace-keeping innovations.

No-code software technology is available to everyone, from companies to individuals. It helps people not only build products that they may want to use in their own lives but also helps them build something that they want to share with the rest of the world that other people could use as well.

Today’s biggest challenge with artificial intelligence is the high cost and knowledge required to build AI software, that, we still know to be one of the biggest entry barriers of adoption. The no-code AI movement makes it possible for almost anyone to build artificial intelligence software and integrate it into their business.

Is not some far-off concept that will only fully take hold in ten years or so… It’s already here, and it’s enabling all kinds of business processes and decisions to take place at once, with less human oversight. If the question is why? the answer is simple. We are in the middle of the age of information, and to survive in the future companies, products and solutions will have to embrace the concept of AI. And it does not have to be a long and resource-draining process.

No Code Artificial Intelligence offers businesses the opportunity to connect disparate systems and technologies to build new products and services that were simply not done in the past. Cogniflow's no-code artificial intelligence helps multiple use cases and businesses in the digital world. You can use no-code AI to focus on your core competencies and still use it as well to improve your back-office processes.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you, then we would love to talk about how we can help.

Marcelo Martinez CEO co-founder Cogniflow
Marcelo Martinez
Co-Founder & CEO @ Cogniflow AI

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