What is No-code? And How Using It Can Make You A Citizen Developer

March 11, 2022
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No-code is a software development method that requires no programming skills to quickly create applications. Essentially, no-code software tools allow anyone to become an urban developer; a non-technical person who can create processes using technology without the help of IT or coding knowledge.

Is a programming movement that does not necessarily involve writing code but instead works with GUI (graphical user interface) systems, it puts in the hands of anyone interested in interacting or creating with AI the power to develop full-featured, and solve complex challenges, or relegate whole processes to better. It involves using tools with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create unique solutions to problems.

These solutions can be a huge change for businesses as they allow business users to innovate without waiting for developers No-code is a practical approach to technology that allows anyone to build apps without any coding skills. It takes the form of practical tools that turn your ideas into reality and lets you change and create anything you want. You can even collaborate with other people on the project and make changes as needed. The best part is that it is easy to use.

No-code is a new set of tools that significantly increases the ability of non-technical people to create software. Originally designed for business users, No-code technology recently expanded to include the development of consumer apps. No-code technology has many benefits including decreased time to market, reduced cost of development, and improved user experience.

Who can use no-code? There’s a name for it: Citizen developers

But wait, what exactly is a citizen developer? Well, we convert that for you, make sure to check this article. In a short take, a citizen developer is anyone that is willing to build, create and integrate software in any form of complexity to solve challenges, new features, entire apps, and much more, and all done without having to write a single line of code.

At the current and steady pace of innovation that the world is going, it was also logical to bring this almost philosophical approach of software engineering into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

For years it seemed that AI was only reserved for big tech companies, fortune 500, and government projects, it almost felt that we could only be part of it as regular end-users and consumers. From the nowadays all-familiar Siri, Alexa, and Google voice assistants, to remarkable stories about Google’s AlphaGo, IBM's Watson, Microsoft’s Cortana (to name a few), there's been relatively few options for everyday people to grasp the power of artificial intelligence and make great ideas real with it.

As of today, there are more than a hundred available tools available for anyone that wants to jump into what is becoming one of the most valuable skills for professionals and creators to have, that is knowing how to use AI without needing to code software.

How can I use no-code AI?

Considering AI to be able to help on your business or process is a matter of defining the tasks that you would want to have automated and performed without error, sometimes those might be repetitive, massive, or data-overloaded; other times those might be in need of meticulous validation, in-line with business-rules or specifically performed; in either case, once you've determined that, then you can be sure that a no-code AI solution like Cogniflow will thoroughly perform that seamlessly for your business.

The no-code paradigm is also relevant when dealing with AI applications inside a technical team. Not every software development team in your company —or contractor— counts with members trained in AI techniques, due to the relative novelty of the field or because it’s just not in the interest of some developers.

Working in AI means dealing with noisy, dirty data, training models for a long time to achieve disappointing results, and accepting that not always it’s possible to improve with the available data. In AI you don’t program the rules, you discover them. That’s one of the field’s key challenges and maybe the first thing a data scientist must understand —and accept— when starting her journey with AI.

With Cogniflow, the effort can be outsourced by simply uploading your data and letting the No-code ML do its magic. After a model is trained, the problem to resolve turns in just hitting a prediction API and retrieving the results, a regular, classical, recurrent operation for a technical team.

No-code platforms seem like the natural evolution for software development. These kinds of solutions are a product of programming sophistication itself. More advanced, abstract programming languages and frameworks act as boosters of also more elaborate software products, adding an additional layer of abstraction. We can see No-code platforms in areas like web development, like Bubble or Webflow. Also, like Cogniflow 😄

If it is in your interest to start a path in the no-code world or bring powerful yet easy-to-work-with artificial intelligence in your project, business, or daily work, make sure to cover as much knowledge as possible and find a great company with great a great tool to help you along the way.

Marcelo Martinez CEO co-founder Cogniflow
Santiago Jaramillo
Head of Growth

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